gate4:media designers

gate4 is a collective of creative people working with lots of media.

currently we are working in these specific regions:
  • audio design
  • motion graphics design
  • web design
  • interaction design
  • live performance
  • live soft- and hardware
read more about our realizations in the project zone.

gate4 is:
  • boris debackere
    master of arts, sound and vision
    specialist in:
    audio | live | interaction
    more about boris (mydsp)
  • maarten callebert
    engeneer interaction design
    specialist in:
    web (PHP/MySQL) | interaction | soft- and hardware
    more about maarten (mr10)
  • lien baert
    master of arts, image and media design
    specialist in:
    motion graphics | video
    more about lien (undo)

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